hi! couple things happening in my life:

- recovering from covid

- 11/12 show canceled

- new album?

i’m a little confused right now; mentally and physically recovering from COVID. feeling a bit sloppy and shaky. I just got TIDAL so I’m also getting back into listening to a lot of music. which leads me to The Veldt’s Afrodisiac.

I love this album.

A lot of shoegaze feels like drawn out American Football. I’ve gotten tired of Slowdive. It still slaps, but I’d fall asleep if I listened to it driving. The Veldt feels firmer and colorful. I want to sing along. Check out this zany upload someone did of their song Until You’re Forever.

Listen to Daniel Chavis’s fucking vocals. He has so much personality and volume, it feels like he’s dancing with the instrumental when he sings.

Oh, wait..

That’s because he is.

Yeah, check this album out. I love the Veldt. Thanks to @snaughty for putting me onto them.